This website page is meant to provide some pre-readings and workshop readings for an introductory seminar on phenomenology. If you are new to phenomenology then you may find it helpful to read items from the introductory texts and some selections in your professional area of interest. For newcomers some of these texts may be somewhat challenging. I encourage you to open some files and read or download those that may interest you.

Simply click on the links for reading and/or downloading the items.


Here are some introductory texts:

2007 Phenomenology-of-Practice

Elsevier:Phenomenology entry

SAGE:Phenomenology entry

MvM Phen of Practice chapter1


Here are a few selected phenomenological readings from the general literature. If you have not done so already, I would recommend you read Merleau-Ponty’s “Preface” which is a classic in the philosophical literature:

Merleau-Ponty Preface

Heidegger – Question Concerning Technology

Derrida – Whom to Give to

Marion – the Question of Givenness

Adams – The secret body of the digital


Readings for possible workshop analysis

Van den Berg-The Sickbed

Van Lennep – The Hotel Room


Here are some selected readings related to health sciences:


Michael van Manen-Phen of the Monitor



Nancy – L’Intrus

Zaner – The phenomenon of vulnerability in clinical encounters


Here are some selected readings related to psychology

Lingis – Lust

Gendlin – Befindlichkeit

Van den Berg – The Answers

Langeveld – The Secret Place (1&2)

Van den Berg – Body and Movement

Linschoten – On Falling Asleep


Here are some selected readings related to education and pedagogy:

MvM McClelland Plihal-Student Experience

Adams – the Name in Online Classrooms



MvM The-Call-of-Pedagogy

MvM Momus – Einstein Forum paper


Here are some exemplary dissertations:

Michael van Manen-Neonatology NICU

Chizuko Maeda-Mentally Handicapped Children

Carol Olson-Life of Illness

Mary Haase-OCD

Philo Hove-Retreat Meditation

Tone Saevi-Seeing Disability

Shuying Li-Ped of Examinations

Cathy Adams-Digital Media

Rose Montgomery-Whicher-Drawing Part1

Rose Montgomery-Whicher-Drawing Part2


The book Childhood’s Secrets: Intimacy, Privacy, and the Self Reconsidered can be downloaded here:


Here is the table of contents of my most recent 2014 book

Phenomenology of Practice: Meaning-Giving Methods in Phenomenological Research and Writing:

Phen of Practice CONTENTS

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